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State Standard for Chinese Domain Names Being Tried Out

China, People's Daily, 15 February 2001 --

The State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision announced February 14 that a State standard pilot system pertinent to the Standard for Chinese Domain Names is formally opened February 14. This system will provide a basis for the work of further practice and confirmation of the State standard system and technical program on Chinese domain names to be launched in a wider scope and on a larger scale, and for the formal publication of the State standard for Chinese domain names and for the correct implementation of this system.

Chinese domain name is a sort of Internet information resource, just like codes of national organizations and institutions, residents' ID, commodity bar code, product classification and encode, and administrative division code. The bureau, together with departments in charge of information industry, industry and commerce, public security, national security, intellectual property rights, as well as the copyrights of the press and publishing, is responsible and obliged to properly manage this information resource and standardize its application and development in China.

The pilot system will set up a root server of Chinese domain names in China, which is independent of the existing English domain name system and different from the multi-language system instituted by some foreign organizations. Following the "Law of the People's Republic of China on Standardization", and other related laws and regulations on trademark, patent and copyright, the system handles the registration and management of the applications for Chinese domain names, which are filed by governments, institutions, enterprises and individuals nationwide. It will also provide service on the explanations of Chinese domain names. In an effort to protect the legal rights and interests of enterprises and institutions, the system will adopt effective measures, such as using the code databanks and other information resources of national organizations to examine and verify all the applications for Chinese domain names submitted by work units and individuals, so as to avoid the occurrence of any possible malicious registration. These measures are intended to give earnest consideration to enterprises and institutions and reduce their burden.

- People's Daily 02/15/2001 (Chinese Goverment's Official Ruling Party Newspaper)

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.

죄송합니다. 이 페이지는 아직 한글화되지 않았습니다.

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