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China Channel Initiate Rights-Protection Campaign for Chinese Domain Names

Online, CCID.net, 20 October 2000 -- The Chinese domain name registration service has been launched by China Channel (www.china-channel.com) on a worldwide basis in tandem with the Chinese domain name Rights-Protection campaign. Users would only need to pay a fee of $100, which would entitle the user to register his or her Chinese domain name in advance. This campaign initiated by China Channel aims at offering priority registration opportunities to China's enterprises delivered through reliable quality service.

Presently, English domain names are being registered at a rate of more than 100,000 names per day: and the number of local registrations has reached the world's top ten list. However, the figure for domain name-ownership per thousand people in China is still small, and that indicates demand potentiality of the Chinese market for domain names.

However, to the Chinese, only Chinese domain names like ".com" and ".net" would allow them the absolute freedom to navigating the Internet as these make it easier for them to remember and comprehend. The Chinese domain name has become a necessity for China's enterprises and for the individual.

Since the announcement launch of its Chinese domain name registration services by China Channel, its worldwide affiliated registrars have been receiving numerous enquiry phone calls and registration applications for Chinese domain names from around the globe. Director of China Channel Mr Gong Shaohui said in an interview that many overseas registrars from places like America, Canada, Taiwan and Hong Kong for example had come to China Channel bearing a cheque or large amounts of cash requesting to register a particular domain name in advance: some foreign enterprises even go to the extent of dispatching staff to queue up outside of China Channel's office to register their Chinese domain name. This should put local enterprises and individuals on red alert: under ruling from ICANN, domain name registration operates on a first-come-first-serve basis. China Channel does not have the right to prevent foreign companies from registering Chinese domain names.

China Channel's announcement on the 21 Oct to accept reservations for Chinese domain name registration is a good opportunity for Chinese enterprises to protect their fair rights to a Chinese domain name. The registration for a Chinese domain name is now an immediate priority.

China Channel announced on 26 Sept its partnership with i-DNS.net and i-EMAIL.net to offer registration service for Chinese domain names ending with .com, .net and .org and Chinese-addressed email services. The services had passed tests from NSI Registry and OT&E on the 18 Oct; and China Channel is now the first registrar of Chinese domain names that can access domain name databases in America to complete registration processes in a split second.

The real implication behind the advent of this new technology is that non-English users can now enjoy the benefits of a truly international Internet to the fullest. From the keying-in of the domain name or URL, encoding and resolution to the ultimate connection to the destination website, the users can now operate in a language they are most comfortable with.

China Channel was established in 1996 and is currently an influential e-commerce ISP in China. It is also the first ICANN-accredited premier registrar in China. It has been understood that China Channel is also offering registration services for domain names in Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese on top of Simplified Chinese domain names.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
-- Translated Article
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