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Surfing suavely on the net in Chinese
China Channel becomes the world's first registrar of Chinese domain names and Chinese e-mails

China, Xiamen Economic Daily, 10 October 2000 -- China Channel, the first international domain name registrar in China, declared on Sept. 26th that it would provide registration service for international domain names and e-mails in Chinese. Prior to this, all the registration of internal domain names and e-mails can only be processed in Roman characters. As such, the launch of international domain names and e-mails registration in Chinese is a breakthrough in the market of international domain names registration in China. At the same time, it will bring great convenience to enterprises and individuals who have been using Chinese to surf the web. It will also be a powerful accelerator of the national economy's entrance into the information age.

Localization of domain names and e-mails

English is not the official language in many countries and regions, which means that in order to fully enjoy the benefits brought about by the net, many people have no choice but to use languages other than their mother tongue to input domain names and e-mails.

The Internet should not be biased. The ability to use their mother tongue to perform web communication by enterprises and individuals is a significant milestone in the globalization of the Internet and e-commerce. Huang Zhaohui, the CEO of i-EMAIL.net, said that the number of Chinese users is the largest in the world. i-EMAIL.net is glad to launch the Chinese e-mail address with China Channel so that the Chinese population worldwide can communicate more freely on the net.

Gong Shaohui, the chairman of China Channel, pointed out that Chinese international top level domain names and Chinese e-mail addresses will play a positive role in radically eliminating the language barrier, promote the use of internet in the domestic small and medium sized enterprises, and popularizing e-mail throughout China.

Extended source of Rare Resources

Until May 2000, the number of international domain name registration amounted to 18.05 million. Presently, China owns 200,000 domain names registered in English. Compared with the second half of last year, the number of domain names registered in the first half of this year increased by 26%. In terms of the total number of domain name registration, China is placed at the 10th position in the world and it is taking the lead in its growth rate.

Nevertheless, the worldwide market capacity of .com, .net, .org and other international domain names is only 1600 million, and it typifies a rare resource. The move made by China Channel not only allows more leeway for the users to register their domain names in regions where Chinese is used, but also greatly promotes the increase of worldwide e-commerce websites and e-mail addresses.

Michael Ng, the CEO of i-DNS.net is pleased with the cooperation with China Channel. He said that the registration of top level domain names in China Channel is another great achievement in the worldwide application of multilingual domain name technology. i-DNS.net also believes that multilingual domain name technology will play a great role in the thorough globalization of the Internet.

Simple to use and easy to proliferate

Because multilingual domain name and e-mail address technology is based on the same code, it is compatible with RACE, UTF-5, UTF-8 and all other generally used encoding technology. Thus it supports browsers and domain name systems that are commonly used widely; there is no need for users to download any software when using Chinese international top-level domain names and e-mail addresses.

The Chinese e-mail address that is currently being promoted has the automatic transmission function. The mails sent to the Chinese e-mail box can be transmitted automatically to the e-mail box of its users' choice. It is the first time that i-EMAIL.net launches this product worldwide. E-mail is the most widely used tool on the Internet. There are about 3 billion e-mails being transmitted daily on the net.

Accredited by i-DNS.net and i-EMAIL.net, China Channel started the business worldwide to provide the registration of Chinese international top-level domain names (.com, .net, and .org) and e-mails. China Channel, therefore, became the first registrar of Chinese international top-level domain names and e-mail addresses in the world. Millions of Chinese homepages are presented on the Internet. The owners and visitors of those homepages will be the pioneer in the pursuit of Chinese domain names registration.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
-- Translated Article
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