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China Channel launches Chinese Domain Names

China, SecuritesTimes, 8 October 2000 -- China Channel, a well-known e-commerce service provider in China, recently entered a partnership with i-DNS.net (U.S.) and i-EMAIL.net, in a strategic union that will take the lead in offering registration service for domain names like .com and Chinese E-mail service to the public on a worldwide basis.

It took i-DNS.net, Asia Pacific Networking Group (APNG) and NUS more than two years research to develop the two above-mentioned services. Chinese e-mail is part of the multilingual network system technique developed by i-EMAIL.net Pte Ltd. The technique enables an address like user@chinese_suffix.com, to be presented as, @.com.

The presence of the Chinese domain name and Chinese e-mail eliminates the language obstacles faced by Chinese net users worldwide and makes the net more appealing to the Chinese population, thereby helping enterprises in China construct e-commerce platforms ideal for their Chinese clients.

As compared to the English language, the domestic clients and the Chinese community worldwide will find Chinese domain names and e-mails more meaningful and easier to remember. They can help portray a good company image and have an extremely high value in the aspects of propagating, popularizing and developing e-commerce.

Because of the limited resources for domain names, many companies are confronted with the fact that others have already taken their company names as domain names in advance. Eventually, these companies either turn to other inferior names or purchase their name back at a high price. The successful registration of a Chinese domain name is the crux to monopolizing the e-commerce market of the Chinese people worldwide, and it is also the key for expanding the China market.

Reportedly, ever since China Channel became China's first international domain name registrar in 1999, foreign companies in China no longer monopolize the registration market. With the continuous innovation of technology, the number of registrations for domain names in China Channel is increasing at a steady rate and the current figure stands at more than 100,000. During the process, the company discovered that clients who do not understand English met with much difficulty when registering for domain names and using the e-mail service. The company provided a timely solution to help solve this problem.

It is reported that i-DNS.net (U.S.) has a multilingual website database which include the commonly used catalogs of websites registered in languages of different countries; among them are .com, .net, .org. This technique can support more than 50 different languages for on-line registration, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, etc. i-EMAIL Pte Ltd designed the multilingual Internet technology, which can support over 50 versions of different languages and is also compatible with different kinds of servers, mail systems, mail applications and network protocols.

These two multilingual technologies are a significant breakthrough in the international IT industry. They overcome the language barrier in the IT world and allow users who do not understand English to use their native language to surf the net. It is believed that multilingual technology will bring a new IT upsurge and put the notion "There is no national boundary on the net" into practice.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
-- Translated Article
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