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Enter the arena of internationalized multilingual domain name technology

China, Science&Technology Daily, 20 September 2000 -- America's i-DNS.net International Inc., announced today the launch of "internationalized multilingual domain name" service in China. The "internationalized multilingual web addresses" registered by i-DNS is an international top-level domain name, and it is also the first time that the technology is launched in Mainland China. This will not only substantially resolve the bottleneck situation of log on language faced by worldwide net users, it will also pave the way for China's various enterprises to set up their websites in year 2000 - China's "Enterprises Online" Year.

In a move by i-DNS.net to illuminate the implications behind the propagation of Chinese domain names - that is to preserve Chinese cultural traditions and its language in the Internet world and to protect the interests and the integrity of Chinese enterprises, the company has decided to make a gift of three Chinese domain names to the Chinese Cross-talk Cultural Website, established by local cross-talk artistes in promotion of their art.

The use of the "internationalized multilingual domain name" registration service will allow as many as 68% of the global non-English population to familiarize themselves with the use of net resources and facilitate the mastery of net surfing techniques. Finally, the net is able to flex its muscles in places where English is not predominant. From now on, net users in China will be able to use Chinese in book-marking web addresses, keying in domain name, compiling addresses, compilation, design procedure, processing, viewing the contents of websites etc, they can do as they please without any hindrance. This will put a complete end to English, being the pre-requisite for using the net, protect our heritage, interests and integrity of traditional enterprises, set the stage for our enterprises to compete internationally on equal footing, pave the way for enterprises to set up their websites and enhance the competitiveness of e-commerce in the Internet age.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
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