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Have You Registered For Your Chinese Domain Name?

China, China Electronic News, 12 September 2000 -- The Domain Name System (DNS) is a user's gateway to the Internet; it functions like a doorplate or a name in society, and therefore plays a vital role in the Internet community. However, domain names have become "scarce" resources of the Internet.

English is the international medium for the fields of Science, Technology, Commerce and Politics, and so the language poses no problem for the average technically and commercially savvy user. However, to those in a non-English speaking country, a series of numbers would prove easier to remember than a string of unfamiliar English alphabets.

The Internet has rapidly evolved into a kaleidoscope of cultures and languages - trade, research and communication are the various fields that are on the increase for non-English speaking regions. This implies that the existing domain name system is now outdated in a multilingual Internet world. Hail to the advent of internationalized domain name system.

The launch of its internationalized domain name system (i-DNS) by i-DNS.net International in October 1999 is a break through from the monotony of domain names. This is especially blatant in the case of Chinese domain names as the value of Chinese trademarked products appreciate on the Internet market.

According to an introduction by i-DNS.net CEO Mr Michael Ng, many international organizations have employed i-DNS technology to provide registration services for Chinese domain names and there are already five such registrars in China. Overseas operations have seen more than 100,000 Chinese domain names registered. Although Chinese domain name registrations have yet to heat up locally, already an average of two to three hundred Chinese domain names get functionally online each week.

The multilingual domain name registration service lets 68% of Internet users who are non-English speaking to better utilize Internet resources, and will perform its fullest potential in non-English environments. From the keying-in of the domain name or URL, encoding and resolution to the ultimate connection to the destination website, the users can now operate in a language they are most comfortable with. It has provided local enterprises the platform to compete with their international counterparts and has paved the way for a competitive edge for online businesses in the e-Economy.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
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