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i-DNS.net To Become Engine of Chinese Domain Name System

Online, infoworld.com, 7 September 2000 -- While the Internet is one of the most inclusive, widely available technologies ever developed, non-English language usage is still a significant barrier. Although many websites are now in native tongues, their domain names remain in English. As China's enterprises start to turn their attention to Chinese domain name registration, i-DNS.net has become aware of the great potential behind the Chinese market.

i-DNS.net has just announced its alliance with NSI Registry to supply the latter with its key multilingual i-DNS technology to support non-English domain name registration. Arriving in China with pockets full of the joys of success, CEO of i-DNS.net International Mr Michael Ng has come with the aim of locating strategic partners and to introduce the workings of his company.

Mr Ng started his introduction saying that i-DNS.net will be working with its various registrars in the promotion of the Chinese domain name system, but would leave the actual registrations of domain names in the hands of these partners. i-DNS.net maintains a position of neutrality in sole provision of a technological platform to which these registrars operate; and the company's income would come in the form of a portion of what its partners had collected for the registrations. In other words, the more popular the Chinese domain names in China's market, the brighter it will be for i-DNS.net's future.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, i-DNS.net International (i-DNS.net) is the leading provider of multilingual Internet technologies and solutions. The company's core domain name technology allows people to use the language of their choice for their Internet domain name. By pioneering the global deployment of multilingual Internet technology and championing the use of multilingual domain names, i-DNS.net seeks to bridge the gap that has hindered Internet access for non-native English speakers of the world.

i-DNS.net, backed by US-based General Atlantic Partners LLC, has developed a powerful technology solution founded on Unicode that complies with existing domain name systems and compatible with popular browsers currently in use. The real implication behind the advent of this new technology is that non-English users can now enjoy the benefits of a truly international Internet to the fullest. From the keying-in of the domain name or URL, encoding and resolution to the ultimate connection to the destination website, the users can now operate in a language they are most comfortable with. Because i-DNS technology is compatible with the current Domain Name System (DNS) used by the English Internet, users can access any registered multilingual domain name from anywhere in the world. i-DNS technology is also compatible with various software platforms, such as Windows, UNIX, Linux, etc. It also supports all-Chinese email and can automatically convert from traditional to simple Chinese font and vice versa.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
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