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Domain Name Registration No Longer An English Domain Chinese DNS Announces Entry with a Flourish

China, China Netizen News, 4 September 2000 -- It would not be long before non-English speaking users can use localized domain names like or to access the Internet. The world's largest domain name registration company NSI and American i-DNS.net International recently announced a strategic alliance to employ the latter's i-DNS technology to provide multilingual registration services for domain names suffixed with .com, .net and .org.

While the Internet is one of the most inclusive, widely available technologies ever developed, non-English language usage is still a significant barrier. One of the functions of the Domain Name System is to translate server-recognizable IP addresses like to easily remembered domain names like www.peopledaily.com.cn. Despite so, it has been daunting to non-English speaking users to remember such domain names in a foreign tongue. As the Internet Protocol has it that only English alphanumeric characters are acceptable as domain names, i-DNS.net International has developed the i-DNS multilingual domain name system to channel 55 international languages into IP-acceptable Unicode.

According to the agreement reached by the two companies, NSI will open up a tryout platform for internationalized domain names suffixed with .com, .net and .org later this year; while i-DNS.net International will sign up as a pioneering technology provider with others in the industry to work with ICANN in the provision of internationalized domain names in the aim to resolve the saturation issue of English domain names and further develop on the multilingual domain name systems.

According to statistics, non-English speaking users make up 40% of the Internet community and would increase to 60% in year 2003. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, i-DNS.net International (i-DNS.net) is the leading provider of multilingual Internet technologies and solutions. The company's core domain name technology allows people to use the language of their choice for their Internet domain name. By pioneering the global deployment of multilingual Internet technology and championing the use of multilingual domain names, i-DNS.net seeks to bridge the gap that has hindered Internet access for non-native English speakers of the world. The company made its first offering of multilingual domain name registration services in the Chinese-speaking regions in May this year. CEO i-DNS.net Mr Michael Ng revealed that the i-DNS technology now serves 100,000 registrants. In Canton, China, gdTekson Ltd. has signed up as a registrar with i-DNS.net to promote the usage of Chinese domain names in the entrepreneurial and cultural fields.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
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