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INWW To Offer Chinese Character Domains

Online, dc.internet.com, 12 July 2000 -- Global domain name distributor Internet Names WorldWide (INWW) is forming a licensing arrangement with i-DNS.net International (i-DNS.net) enabling INWW to register domain names with the use of Chinese characters. INWW is the first ICANN accredited domain name registrar to offer this service on a global scale.

The licensing agreement initially allows INWW to register domain names in Chinese characters, but will be extended in the future to include other non-English, character based languages such as Japanese, Arabic, Thai and Tamil. This added feature will assist INWW in providing a truly international Internet experience to both its customers and channel partners.

The Internationalized Domain Name Service (i-DNS) pioneered by I-DNS.net opens the Internet to the world's non-English speaking population. The present Domain Name System, only permits domain names to be registered in ASCII, Roman (English) characters and has made understanding the English language a pre-requisite for anyone using the Internet.

This has effectively handicapped 68 percent of the world's population from using the Internet as a source of information.

"INWW has a unique opportunity to be involved in the early stages of what promises to be a rapid expansion of Internet adoption by the non-English speaking world. Our strategic partnership with I-DNS.net helps us further our expansion into new markets and extends INWW's position as a leader in the domain name services market," said Clive Flory, general manager of INWW. "From a business perspective it makes the marketing of web addresses easier and more effective, and encourages language specific sites to market their web addresses in the relevant native written language. All people have to do is type in the domain name in their own local language."

Michael Ng, chief executive officer of i-DNS.net, added, "Domain names are the electronic brands of the New Economy. Demand for multi-lingual domains will come from businesses and individuals seeking to protect and augment their online branding to target markets. This technology will definitely facilitate the opening up and growth of e-commerce markets, especially in territories where English is not comfortably used."

INWW was the first ICANN Accredited Registrar to introduce services such as NameBuddy, the only name generating tool on the market that delivers a 99 percent assurance that the names generated are available for registration; a secure service for the bulk transfer of domain names; and multi-year (up to 10 years) and multi-character (up to 63 characters) domain name registrations.

The McLean, Va-based company is a division of Melbourne IT Ltd. INWW is found on the Web at http://www.inww.com.

-- i-DNS.net shall not be held liable for the views and opinions of the authors expressed herein.
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