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What We Do

1) Multilingual Internet Solutions Provider
i-DNS.net provides a full suite of solutions to Registries, Registrars, and end-users that enable the use of native scripts (Non-ASCII characters) for Internet domain names or Web addresses or email addresses.

In response to the multilingual demands created by the natural evolution of the Internet, i-DNS.net pioneered the development of the Internationalized Domain Name System (i-DNS) - a groundbreaking technology platform that internationalizes and updates the existing DNS while retaining full backward-compatibility with all current Internet standards and protocols.

Prior to this technology, Internet users were restricted to using only ASCII characters of 0-9, A-Z and hyphen (-) for email addresses, domain name registrations, and Internet navigation.

2) Registry Services
i-DNS.net is the World's First Registry for Multilingual Domain Names and currently manages more than 29 native-character generic top-level domains

In lieu of its extensive experience as Registry Manager, Infrastructure Builder and Technology Developer, i-DNS.net provides Managed Registry Outsourcing Solutions to Registry Operators all over the world, for example .ai and .dj.

3) Registrar Services
i-DNS.net also offers to Registrars its Registrar-in-a-boxTM (RIBTM) product offering, enabling them to cost-effectively and quickly kick-start their Registrar Business. This effectively lowers the barrier of entry for Registrars who are not technically apt to tap onto the burgeoning domain name registration market.

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