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Our Vision

"To Enable The True Internationalization of the Internet"

i-DNS.net's goal is to continue developing solutions to help non-English Internet users surmount the challenges imposed by language barriers on the Internet, whilst adhering to a technical direction that mandates peaceful co-existence amongst current Internet technologies and standards.

i-DNS.net recognizes that in order for the Internet to become a truly global medium for communications and commerce, it must evolve to provide full support for non-Roman character identifiers. By pioneering the global deployment of multilingual Internet technology and championing the use of native-character domain names, i-DNS.net is beginning to bridge the digital divide between non-native English and English speakers of the world.

i-DNS.net's global deployment strategy not only includes free resolution software to end-users, but additionally to work closely with valued partners located worldwide. This includes collaboration with government bodies, local Internet authorities, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Internet Content Providers (ICPs), Country Network Information Centers (ccNICs) and many others.

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