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General Atlantic Partners, LLC focuses exclusively on investing in information-technology, Internet and telecommunications businesses globally and at all stages of the development. The firm has about $10 billion in capital under management that includes $4 billion of capital available for investment.

General Atlantic has invested in nearly 100 companies and has current holdings in nearly 70 companies including Apollis, digiquant, E*Trade Group, Eclipsys, Exact, EXE Technologies, Exult, Firepond, iFormation Group, Manugistics, Predictive, ProBusiness, Proxicom, Screaming Media, and Xchanging. The firm is unique in its global perspective on information technology, its worldwide presence, its long-term approach to investments, and its commitment to provide sustained strategic assistance for its portfolio companies. General Atlantic has 75 professionals among its over 100 employees worldwide with offices in Greenwich, New York, Reston, London, Düsseldorf, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong and São Paulo.

For further information, please visit www.gapartners.com

  • The Asian Wall Street Journal on General Atlantic Partners - 20 April 2000
  • CNN Financial Network on General Atlantic Partners - 16 May 2001

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