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Technology Design Tenets

iDNS meets an urgent need with a complete solution that is backward and forward compatible.

iDNS conforms to the current domain name system of master-slave-caching servers, zone transfer etc.

iDNS does not endanger the existing DNS system, yet it still provides multilingual support at the network and applications layer.

iDNS maintains a single, global, universal, and consistent hierarchical namespace because its multilingual namespace fits underneath the existing DNS hierarchy of name spaces.

Unlike a search engine or directory services solutions, iDNS will produce the same IP address every time that the domain name is called.

iDNS allows for a user-friendly transition from the non-multilingual environment to a multilingual internationalized reality without breaking the other. Both systems co-exist. There is no clashing of TLDs because i-DNS.net is only the Registry for non-English/ASCII domain names.

Providing Comprehensive Language Coverage
iDNS covers all languages in the ISO/Unicode, therefore supporting all languages supported by ISO compliant computers, including PC based operating systems.

Facilitating Localization
iDNS facilitates localizations, such as bi-directionality (e.g. Arabic writing from right to left), while preserving the separator.

iDNS supports canonicalization throughout the system, both on the network and application layers. Canonicalization is executed before the name resolution process occurs.

iDNS does not require the DNS administrator to know all languages before he can maintain or edit the DNS records. They are all in ASCII, with easy to use language-conversion tools available for the administrator to manage the DNS.

Reducing Impact on other Protocols affected by Internationalization
Many other Internet protocols e.g. HTTP, SMTP, depend on domain names. iDNS is constantly being evaluated to determine its multilingual impact on these protocols.

Security Conscious
iDNS does not significantly add additional security burdens more that what the current DNS system requires. It is also compatible with the DNSSEC specifications

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