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Registry Partners

By licensing our technology, our Registry Partners augment their existing English domain name offerings with a multilingual complement. Alternatively, our Registry Partners outsource their technical back-end Registry Operations to the i-DNS.net Registry Experts, allowing them to better focus on enhancing their revenue stream.

eNIC Corporation
eNIC Corporation, http://www.enic.cc, a privately held Internet company based in Seattle, Washington, is the worldwide registry of the .cc TLD and is the registrar for second level domain names within the .cc TLD. Brian Cartmell, chairman and CEO of eNIC, founded the company in October 1997. eNIC is currently the third largest registry and registrar of country code TLDs in the world with more than 300,000 registered domains in the .cc TLD alone. Registrants of .cc domains include major corporations throughout the world including such notable companies as Intel Corporation, Amazon.com, Clear Channel Communications, Goodyear Tire and Rubber and Coca-Cola Company. As the .cc registry, eNIC acts as the authoritative repository of all functional information relating to all .cc domain names. The company markets .cc domains worldwide in conjunction with its more than 7,000 affiliates and marketing partners.

For further information, please visit www.enic.cc

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dot TV

dotTV (www.tv) is a registrar and the exclusive worldwide registry for second-level domain names in the .tv top-level domain through an agreement with the country of Tuvalu. The company is dedicated to creating the premiere top-level domain so that companies, organizations and individuals can create the Internet brands and identities of the future. dotTV has received its initial funding and support from idealab!, a leading creator of Internet businesses.

dotTV announced the availability of .tv Internet addresses earlier this year, uniting "TV," the world's most recognized two letter symbol, with the World Wide Web to empower companies, organizations and individuals to create the global Internet destinations and brands of tomorrow. Leading companies from around the globe that have adopted the .tv domain name include Sega of America, Columbia TriStar International Television, Billabong, Zee TV, TVB Online, Carsey-Werner Company and over 150 leading broadcasters from around the globe, including PAX TV, TV Norge, Granada Sky, British Telecom, Globo and affiliates of all of the major U.S. broadcasting networks.

For more information, please visit www.tv

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